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Rapid Prototyping to Production

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5-Axis Machining

  • Our 5-axis machining capabilities set us apart.  Traditional 4-5 operation parts can be machined in 1 operation allowing us to offer greatly discounted complex parts.  Our machine features a 200+ degree rotating milling head along with two spindles and travel on y, x, z, c, and b axes

High Speed Milling

  • We utilize multiple vertical milling centers equipped with the latest Renishaw probing and tool setting software.

4-Axis CNC Turning/ CNC Turning

  • Combined with traditional lathes, we utilize the latest lathes with y,c axes, sub-spindles and live tooling

Surface and OD Grinding

  • B&S surface grinder and Cincinnati OD grinder can achieve extremely tight tolerances when called for by customer


  • From keyways to hex patterns for bolts, we have the ability to keep these processes in-house

Heat Treatment

  • In-house furnace and Rockwell hardness tester for quick turnaround heat treatment

Special Coatings

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